6 thoughts on “79”

  1. Rowan says:

    I found this through maximumble a few weeks ago… which I have no idea how I found, but this is so cute! Definitely in my new top 3 comics!

    I have one minor issue with the website though; when I don’t check every day, sometimes I’ll come back and have to scroll down on every page to get to the back button. This isn’t so much an issue for one-shot style comics where the order you read them doesn’t really matter, but this one is more sequential. I know it is possible to just edit my URL to an earlier page number but I have no idea how many pages to go back or what page I left off on normally, so that is mostly guess work. A very simple (I hope, sometimes websites are frustrating in making seemingly simple things difficult) is to have forward and back buttons both above the comic and below. It’s barely noticeable when there but eases this problem pretty much entirely.
    Thank you for this wonderful and adorable story!

    1. Chris Hallbeck says:


      1. Rowan says:

        Thanks! That was fast. Seems like it was as easy as I hoped.

  2. salamurai says:

    hee-hee! I like when Pebble actually scares Wren. 😀

  3. David Lieb says:

    Thanks for the scroll controls at the top of the page!

    1. Chris Hallbeck says:


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