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6 thoughts on “262”

  1. SkyDreamer says:

    And just like that, we have geographic context for this story.

    Unless there are countries besides America that do this nonsense with their tax in shops.

    1. jesslc says:

      Yeah, as an Australian I agree with Pebble. The listed price here includes the tax. Much simpler.

  2. Thomas A Heffernan says:

    Welp, they aren’t in Oregon, New Hampshire. Montana, Delaware, or Alaska ^_^

  3. Carl Knoblock says:

    Candy isn’t taxed in Nebraska, either, though I think it should be.

  4. SueB,NH says:

    Why is there a monster at the cash register? …

  5. Thomas A Heffernan says:

    Same reason the principle at the school was a monster, I imagine. ‘Monster can haz reel Job’ in this world, it would seem.

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